As you may know, Dora is the name of one of Possets’ latest Halloween perfumes and it is named in honor of one of the residents of Ohio Alley Cat Resource (OAR) no-kill shelter which I contribute to. Liz Johnson, the head of OAR, sat down with Dora and conducted a very revealing interview. Here it is:

An Interview with Dora, Resident Diva of OAR

Dora the Cat.The lovely Dora, one of our senior (she prefers to be called “mature”) kitties in need of a home, graciously agreed to be interviewed for this issue of the newsletter. A Balinese mix, Dora has gorgeous markings, amazing blue eyes and opinions on just about everything!

Q: How did you end up at the rescue, Dora?
A: My story is quite dramatic, actually. I came here when my people were having a baby and decided my sister (already adopted) and I could no longer stay. Silly humans. I could have taught that child so much.

Q: Like what, Dora?
A: About the beauty that we find within and the need to be curious about everything. Also that everything is mine.

Q: So, does that mean you like children?
A: I find them to be fascinating little creatures and don’t mind being around them. I do wish they were older and better able to worship me, though.

Q: How do feel about being at OAR?
A: It’s acceptable, for the most part. People here understand that I need to have my space and I enjoy the opportunity to engage in conversation with the volunteers. But, a home of my own would be nicer — a place where I could have couches and beds and other soft places to lounge anytime I wanted to.

Q: What do you like to converse about with people?
A: Besides ordering them to hurry up with the food and reminding them that everything is mine? I also like to tell them that all of us cats deserve respect and love, me more than most, and that given a chance, I’d be their best friend.

Q: What do you think of the other cats at the rescue?
A: The other cats? Hmmm. Most of them are not my equal, however one must make allowances. They certainly don’t have the fine breeding that I do.

Q: Rumor has it that you’re somewhat of a diva? What’s your response to that?
A: Somewhat? My dear, I am a diva. I know I deserve the best. In addition, I can give you the best — the best love, the best companionship, the best purr.

Q: You been able to slim down quite a bit during your stay at OAR. Can you say more about that?
A: Certainly. Once I was able explore the rescue at my leisure, I was able to drop a few pounds. While no one would call me svelte now, I like to think that I’ve set a fine example for other solidly built felines who merely need a little incentive to firm up their figures.

Q: What would you say to people who might hesitate to adopt a more mature cat such as yourself?
A: Thank you for saying mature. Mature cats know what we enjoy and what we don’t. We don’t waste our time running around like crazy kittens. Our priorities are offering affection and companionship. Some people might say 12 is old, but really it’s only middle age for a cat with a good constitution like me. Besides, I will give you the benefit of my years of experience. As you gaze into my slightly crossed eyes, you will see the wisdom residing within.

Q: What would you say are your best qualities?
A: Well, I am beautiful, but beauty is only skin deep. I think my best features are my curiosity and my willingness to talk and talk about anything and everything. Also, I’ll allow you to rub my tummy which,, as you know, many cats won’t. It’s quite a privilege.

Q: What do you want most in a forever home?
A: A lap is a must. I’d prefer to be the only feline so all attention would be focused on me, but would accept another cat if necessary. I’m mostly just looking for someone who will give me space when I need it and love all the time.

Want to help Dora? It’s easy and fun. Try out her perfume at Possets, it’s called “Dora” and is one of the prettiest florals I have ever made with the unusual base of clethora (also known as ‘summersweet’, myrtle and a lemon zest base…it is extraordinary). You will smell divine and a major portion of the proceeds goes to OAR to help them continue their good works. Also, if you would rather donate directly to OAR (and they are one of the most straight shooting and honest groups I have ever had the pleasure to work with) click here to donate directly to Ohio Alley Cat Resource.

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