The third chapter of Dark Matter is out! I released this latest part of the ongoing novelette late last night along with three new perfumes to go with it. This time the perfumes are summer fruit based scents, the likes of which I have not made before, and one grand portrait of Mary Shelley (the author of Frankenstein). All three are rich and addicting but Ginger and Lime Granita is a simple blend smelling just of the two most refreshing elements of a summer drink. Fruitacca holds a bit darker and thicker secret drop of Maltese honey and is a bit more tangy and intoxicating. Mary Shelley is a rich but cool marriage of a variety of fragrant woods including the elusive boxwood, along with a good deal of the green and somewhat nutlike smell of sweetbriar leaves.

One of the best parts is that these three perfumes are also part of the 1+1=3 sale! Now you can afford to pick up the latest of the Possets Dark Matter series at huge savings, buy all 3 for the price of two.

I have been working on all three of the new scents for over a year because the elements in them are intriguingly summery and it is very difficult to do, and they are fittingly coming out on the publication of The Long Journey.

The story isn’t bad, either. When we last saw Isabella, she had left London in disgrace. Compromised through a chance acquaintanceship and a pair of unfriendly aristocrats. She picks up a carriage at Civitaveccia and makes her way down to coast of Italy to Rome, but what bad luck! She has a sinister coachmate. A four hour ride can stretch into an eternity when knee-to-knee with an arch cad. What sorts of dainty things will transpire? The fierce Victorian action of manners will, of course, take place. There will be winners, losers, and a great enlightenment. So, read the next installment of Dark Matter for the complete drama.

Previous installments of Dark Matter is being compiled under the header Dark Matter Ch 1-2 on the navbar, for all of you who want to go back and start from the beginning. New chapters are given their own link in the navbar. This time, look for Dark Matter Ch 3 if you only want to read from there. The perfumes are put at the end of each chapter, combined alphabetically as the chapters are combines, and put into their own category of just perfumes with no story in the heading Summer 2010. If you are totally perplexed, the Search function will help you out.

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