The Window in the PossetoriumThe recession has dragged on for so long that my ingredients are starting to feel the effect of market upheaval. I have a pretty long leadtime with my ingredients, from start to finish, it takes at least a year if not two to make the things which go into Possets. What I am seeing now started to happen in 2008. My suppliers are cutting down on what they are offering. The prices have fluctuated wildly over the past two years and some things have just been cut out altogether. I usually have more than one source for perfume ingredients, but in some cases my backup sources are also discontinuing my more esoteric ingredients.

I have had a lot of conversation with a couple of my ingredient makers and unfortunately there are a few Possets which either have to stop being offered or that I know will be out one day. Moon-Drenched Magnolias, Gingerbread Opium Den, and Dark Lady are on that list. I have about 30 Poppets of Gingerbread Opium Den and Dark Lady will most probably go on for a while. Moon-Drenched Magnolias is a Dark Matter fragrance and could have disappeared at the end of Dark Matter anyway. I am going to continue to sell them until the Halloween scents appear (or my supplies run out) and then I am going to retire them. This is a first come/first serve thing and Opium Den will only be sold as Poppets, 6/$10. The price of Dark Lady & Magnolias will remain the same as well. I can’t tell you how sorry I am about this, but there isn’t really any way around it.

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