I splurged a couple of months ago. I bought a lipstick from Chanel and I felt that the color would be so perfect on me. It was good, it was a tap too bright and too light but it was good and I wore it.

But then tragedy struck! One fine day I took the tube out of my purse and noticed that there was a lot of old lipstick smeared on either side of the tube liner. Then I realized that my new and lovely and expensive Chanel liptsick had broken! ARGHHHH! I didn’t know how that happened but it was broken off at the base and the cylinder of lipstick was rattling around inside the tube depositing itself all over the inside of the case.

What to do? I could have gotten a lipstick brush and painted it on from the shabby and befouled case. Isn’t that just a stupid trick? Phfffft. But what do you do about it? There must be a cure for this minor problem.

I looked at www.lipstixremix.com and bought a kit. I did exactly what it said to do and the result is now better than the original. It’s pretty easy. You just take out your broken lipstick, put it in a cup and microwave it until it melts. Pour it into the mold and put that in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Pull it out and let it sit at room temp for about 15 minutes and put your case over the end of it and push down then twist up and you are done! The result looked almost perfect! I was beyond pleased.

I took the Chanel lipstick (Rouge Orage) and into the cup it went, along with half of a L’Oreal Nature’s Blush. The top shelf lipstick (which sometimes made my lips ‘crawl’), and the department store lipstick (which was such a phffft color but darker and could have toned down the intesity of the Chanel nicely). I put them together and they did a wonderful job! The color I made was so much better for me than the original Chanel color and it felt better on my lips. I even had some left over which I can make another lipstick out of.

I did one more and got the same sort of a result using two other lipsticks. The resulting blend was a great deal better on me than the originals. the lipstick looks great and is performing amazingly well.

The Lipstix Remix site is down though, but write it somewhere and try again later. It is a great product. (I am not affiliated with them in any way other than being a customer and I had a need they helped me with beautifully. So I am saying something).

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