Happy Halloween! Last night my husband and I had a desire for salmon, when I was in the store I was presented with the opportunity to buy ginger root as part of the seasoning, and I did that. Usually, I chop ginger in the food processor, so after I peeled it I put about 2-3 cups of water in the processor, the ginger then went in and I turned it on. If you do that with water the parts are more uniformly chopped.

After the ginger was chopped, it smelled so good that I hated to just throw out the water. I have a big glass jug of green tea in the refrigerator and I drink that during the day and during workouts. I strained the ginger water into it and gave it a try.

Wow, that was amazing! It was as good as the fancy ginger drink I get at our local expensive vegan restaurant (and one of the main reasons I keep coming back). This is eminently cheaper and I can add things I like as opposed to having what they are serving. I am entranced with just putting it with green tea at the moment! Might see that combo at the holidays, as it smells great, too!

In the meantime, hop over to Possets for the wonderful Halloween perfumes in the Scent of Night Collection. See for yourself.

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