cauliflowerTonight my husband said a most uncharacteristic thing,”How about cauliflower? On the grill!” Well, I had never had grilled cauliflower and so I took up the challenge with gusto. I have to say it was DELICIOUS! So, I highly recommend that you rush out right now and purchase a head of cauliflower and fix it thusly:

Take the cauliflower and cut off the stem and the leaves. Wrap in wax paper and microwave for about 4 minutes. Transfer it to aluminum foil (with two overlapping sheets which are going to be big enough to fully wrap the cauliflower. Salt the head and sprinkle with your favorite rub (I found the famous Jan’s Rub was a perfect compliment), then turn it upside down (the cut stem up). Cut 5 thin pats of butter and put them around the bottom of the cauliflower and let them melt into the head.

Enclose the cauliflower in the aluminum foil and put it directly on a highish grill. Let it cook for an hour, flipping it at least once. When you take it in to serve, stab it with a two pronged fork and make sure it is tender and it should now be quite tender.

Cut it up and serve it and prepare for some serious compliments. This is just the berries and there are very few calories to it. I would recommend less rather than more butter as butter really flavors things so easily, and it does add calories.

Enjoy, this is a real gem of a recipe from every point of view.

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