A flower

It has been 5 years since I really went downtown in Cincinnati. Last time I was there it was struggling to be hip, struggling to be solvent, struggling to keep from dying. This time things felt way different. If there wasn’t loads of mad hilarity about how damned chic it was,  there was more to be excited about. The hallmark of this renaissance was how unselfconscious it all was, none of this,”Look at meeeee! So pretty!” stuff, no wondering if you had noticed. Cincinnati is still a business town, it hasn’t gone all arty on us and I don’t think it ever will. But there is more enjoyment and less anxiety about the place now, more being satisfied with itself. One of the reasons I think it has improved vastly is that there has been a steady stream of people from elsewhere coming into and making Cincinnati their new forever home. There is much more diversity now than there was when I came here, back then it was very Western European and if you had brown eyes you were considered exotic. Now you are just as likely to see a hijabi, hear Spanish, go to a Korean Restaurant, or listen to Persian rock music coming from the loudspeakers and the world has finally broken in on The Queen City. Bully for us. I think now Cincinnati is reminding me more of Washington, D.C. when I was a kid than the current flavor of D.C. does! So, I can say, it’s great to be here; it’s a nifty little city with a lot of amazingly cool features. Now excuse me as I go to my office in the East End with the stained glass windows near the airport and across the parking pad from our craft brewery.

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