VioletsAt this point I can pretty much call myself a veteran of perfume making. I have experimented, tried, failed, been rushed, dared, and won as well as lost; along the way I have learned a few things about Perfumery. Here are five that I think bear sharing:

  1. Don’t judge a perfume by its topnotes. Topnotes are formulated to be gorgeous by themselves but they will vaporize first leaving you with those middle notes and the all important basenotes. Experience the whole perfume before deciding if you want to commit.
  2. What you get in a sample might not be what you get in the full sized bottle. I got a sample of KL when it first came out and it was amazing. Alas, the perfume in the full $ized bottle was real mundane. If you get something which seems like bait and switch to you, demand your money back.
  3. Name brand perfumes don’t always stay the same. As time wears on, classics bring in less money for the makers. They start to substitute cheaper ingredients which are similar but eventually, the blend cycles from beautiful to not so much.
  4. Your perceptions of perfume change over time. Your mind gets used to the complexity of a blend and one day you will find yourself saying, “I can hardly smell this anymore.” That is what is wrong with signature perfumes, they take away the thrill of the new. Give your perfumes a rest and rotate through your collection.
  5. Be true to yourself. If you are a woman who smells best in “orientals” then don’t jump on the crystalline musk bandwagon just because it’s ‘in’ this year. Revel in your uniqueness and enjoy what your skin loves to make love to. Trust me, there are huge numbers of perfumes which will suit you in your best categories, have fun discovering them!

This is part of a series of essays about the origins of Possets Perfume. It is written to go with the Retour event which is going on now at Possets where Fabienne, the perfumer, re releases all of the perfumes she has ever made for two weeks. All of the scent which was in past seasonal collections can be re bought and stocked up now. It is being sold in 6, 10, 15, and 30 ml bottles so you can keep yourself in your favorite Posset forever. Go there and see for yourself!

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