fallingHere are a few things you should not do with your treasured fragrances, trust me on this:

  1. 1. Don’t try to duplicate a perfume you loved and lost. Just don’t. Why? It will never ever smell identical to the fragrance you loved. Accords and ingredients come and go and some can never be brought back, so the basic building blocks of your perfume may be gone forever. Just remember it with fondness and find a new favorite. I do this with Faberge’s Kiku, gone forever and loved forever.

2. Don’t wear your favorite perfume to death. Everyday wear turns even the most fascinating fragrance ho-hum, and quickly, too. Confine your best wear to once a week so retains the power to tickle your nose. I did this with Miss Balmain, a great fragrance but became vin ordinaire after about a week of constant wear.

3. Don’t save your favorites for the super special occasion either, that is once a decade at the holidays. You are trying to keep the balance of being delighted with the scent not tired of it. If you are going to err, though, wearing less frequently is better than overdoing it, just as long as it does not go bad in the bottle. Pascal Morabito’s Or Noir was one I saved and saved, then it turned bad on me.

4. Don’t store your perfumes in the sunlight on your dressing table, or anywhere else in the light. Light quickly degrades many ingredients, like the citrus oils, and so it will turn harsh and become useless very quickly. Dark cool places and colored bottles will preserve your perfumes best. I did this to Joy by Jean Patou, bad idea but the bottle looked so pretty.

5. Don’t mistrust your nose. If it smells “off” or “flat” it’s bad. Big perfume houses have the disconcerting habit of producing different grades of their favorite perfumes and selling them at the standard high price. Which one did this to me? Shalimar. I have bought a bottle at super high price only to have it be the ugly cousin of Shalimar. It was real, it was not a fake but it was not Shalimar. I got a reality check from not one but three Shalimar lovers on the bad bottle and sure enough, it was an inferior version of it. If you get a bad bottle, take it back to the place you got it and complain. They know it’s probable and  you will get your money back. Nordstrom was kind enough to refund me, the clerk knew what I was talking about.

There  you have it, the unvarnished 5 don’ts of perfume. If you are looking for something to DO, hop over to Possets for the wonderful Halloween perfumes in the Scent of Night Collection. See for yourself.

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