Eeeeek!We were so thrilled when warm weather finally came. It was time to put on the light and ethereal perfumes and put away our heavy resins. But, the temperatures have cooled off again with fall and there are a few things I wish people would put away right now:

  1. Fussy Aggressive Crystalline Musks– for some reason, the toothy musks are seen as crystalline and cold and come out like mad in the summer. I think they were too strong then, and not autumnal enough now. I really like these for spring, which can be a cruel season and can take a bit of sharp poking to illustrate the time of year.
  2. So Light It’s Not There Florals-It’s fall, let’s smell your perfume. Florals need to be statements now, not hints.
  3. Cotton Candy-That was summer. Summer is over.
  4. Murky Aquatics-Please, let’s play with crisp aquatics now, long strands of greenery steeped in cold water doesn’t sound so appetizing at the moment.
  5. Tea-I love tea fragrances, but they have to be handled with care when the air turns cold. I made High Tea as a very warm perfume which celebrates the idea of tea hot in a cup and I love that one when the world turns crisp.

Come over to Possets Perfume to explore our Halloween Collection for 2015. These are the fragrances you are craving now:

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