wherenottoputperfumeI have said where you should dab your favorite perfume, however, there are some places to avoid. There are good reasons for that and I will explain that to you as well.

  1. Eyes- That might sound pretty simpleminded to you but there are people out there who will try just about anything. Do not add perfume to any of your eye cosmetics either. Don’t try to make your purple eyeshadow smell like grape, for instance.
  2. Eyebrows- Same reason, if it gets in your eyes you might be very sorry. Also, if you sweat and that runs in your eyes mingled with perfume, you may be in for a tough time.
  3. In or around your nose-I had a friend who used to put perfume around her nose so she could smell it. Not only did her nose become “dead” to it from smelling it too much but she developed a nasty rash around her nose and her upper lip.
  4. Any mucous membrane-That is shorthand for your “lady bits” and your bum. Please don’t try to perfume them, they won’t like it and will extract their revenge on you: rashes, raised spots, and general irritation and pain can be expected here if you don’t heed.
  5. Underarms- Strange as it might seem, your underarms are incredibly sensitive. I have been woken up at 3 a.m. with massive irritation and burning due to something I thought harmless being applied to my underarms. You have been warned.

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