jupiterWhere, praytell, are the best and sexiest places to wear scent? Well:

  • On the inside of your arms-A classic spot which allows the perfume to rise up especially when you are working (as on a computer).
  • On the Palms of your hands-An unusual place which benefits from the heat of your hands and when you use your hands to speak.
  • Lightly in your hair-For some reason, perfume put here just lasts and lasts, and is luxuriously beautiful.
  • On a cotton ball tucked into your bra-Works especially well with delicate perfumes which are fugitive, the layers of clothes and natural body oils keep scent from evaporating too quickly.
  • On the outside corners of your jawline-When you are kissed this will make a delightful treat for your kisser!

Want to find a perfect perfume with which to practice the above? Possets Perfume (www.possets.com) of course.


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