I was watching the excellent video by the BBC on Perfume and after the first installment, I had to stop and stare at the wall for a while.

First, all the palaver about how much they spend to make the perfumes in time honored way. They don’t. As ingredients skyrocket, and the customer base shrinks perfume houses will use more synthetics, cheaper naturals, and more filler. They know the money is in the new stuff.

If anyone monkeys around with the great classic of the perfume house, it will fail. It just will. The great classic might be too familiar to one and all, but putting it through the lens of today never helps matters. For instance, the House of Dior made the stunningly bad mistake of taking the sharp and sandalwoody Miss Dior and dumping a load of strawberry in it and calling it Miss Dior. It was ghastly. So now we are left with nothing, the old is gone and the new is awful.

Notice the total lack of women as perfumers. We pay for it, we wear it, we love it, we are absent in the most influential parts of all the perfume business. Sure, there was a “woman under 40” as part of the Big House marketing team BUT she was kissing up to the perfumer something fierce. What a travesty, it’s 2015!

Tonight I am watching the installment about the “new” perfumers and I think I will be more hopeful, at least I hope I will be more hopeful.

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