Yin Yoga

I believe in the “holy trinity” of fitness: 1) Strength Training, 2) Cardio, 3) Stretching. They are all of equal importance but I got a nasty lesson on #3 a couple of years ago when I developed a fierce pain in the top of my feet. After a couple of doctor...

The Possets Site Is Updated and Open

I just got through putting the latest update on the Possets Perfume website and now it is back up and ready for you to inspect. I think you are going to like what you find. The lovely romantic perfumes for Valentine’s Day have been  held over until Spring comes....

Possets Back In Stock

The Possets Perfume blend, Cupid and Psyche, is back in stock now on the site. I ran out of the ingredients much sooner than I thought I would but I had more shipped in muy pronto and now have full stock!

The Secret of Tai Chi and How It Helped Me Conquer The Computer

My husband decided to take Tai Chi, It was a sudden decision. He is more of a “personal trainer” type of guy. He does not like group situations or being told what to do en masse. So this was something of a surprise but I watched and was delighted that he...


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