Possets Spring Collection Arrives

Possets is announcing its Spring line of perfumes which are based on the charming Middle English Canterbury Tales. 17 of the most popular tales are being honored by Possets: The Miller, The Wife of Bath, even The Prologue are represented. The perfumes are varied, as...

The Good Effects of Exercise

That is me on the left after a year + of watching my diet, working out EVERY day. My great Zumba! teacher, Kim, is on the right looking eternally fantastic! I do work hard, but I am lucky, too, you know. Woot!

A Double Rainbow In Cincinnati

Here is a double rainbow! Look to the upper right of the strong rainbow and you will see a fainter but real other rainbow! Very rare.

Creating The Canterbury Tales-Canterbury Cathedral

One by one I have been making up, testing and producing fragrances to go along with the next theme at Possets, Canterbury Tales. This is a book of stories written by Geoffery Chaucer about a group of pilgrims who are going to Canterbury Cathedral to pray at the tomb...

Back To Blogging

As some of you might know, I have had a sad incident in my family and could not just merrily blog along. I had to take time out to deal with things but now I am back. I am indeed going to be posting a video on sealing wax like I promised I would. Great fun that...

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