Oh Goodie!

Thank you, Joni, for fixing the forum! I am back to pack and ship for your life. Yeaaassssss! We are going like a well oiled machine! Can’t stop listening to Black Eyed Peas The Time (dirty bit), thinking of all you! Thanks for the time of MY life....

The Forum

Is down or at least scrambled up at the moment. Joni has been notified and I am sure she will fix it soon. If you want to say something, please put it on the blog. Sorry.

Oh…And The Weather

Should be cold and clear so that means shipping will be smooth, right? I am so grateful for my cozy office and good people to help out. I confess to looking forward to an egg nog this evening and maybe a trip to Fresh Market this afternoon to pick up some special...

Packing and Shipping All Day

I still have a lot to do and today is devoted all the way. I have done my shopping for family (everyone wanted a gift card this year so that was easy). I have a couple of presents to wrap and put under the tree, and the tree is decorated and looks fantastic. I just...

The Sun Is Up

The weak winter sun is now up in the backyard. Sad tired brown stalks dot the garden, and they used to be big green branches and leaves with pinwheeling starry flowers on their tips. Alas, it’s all to sleep and winter renewal for each of them.

A Good Photo of Souris

Here is a nice picture of my ornament from Souris in Canada. We trimmed the tree last night and we got ornaments from every place we have visited. Souris Canada was one of them. We went to Prince Edward Island one year (my husband taught there) and had a wonderful...

The New WordPress Blog Site

All in all I can’t say I am unhappy with this set up! And this is just the canned templates. Just think of what I can do when I get a spare minute.


I have an ornament for my tree from a place in Canada named Souris. Seems there was a plague of mice in the Maritimes and the town was named after the infestation of the tiny furry critters. This ornament is a mouse sleeping in a box of matches with his sleeping cap...

Longest Night

It’s already started to get dark here and I know it’s going to be the longest night. It’s time to trim the tree, put on the fire and have an egg nog by it all. I need to do a bit more packing and shipping though. Good times. Oh, and Dark Matter must...

For one day and night I am bringing back Posset’s fragrance Longest Night. On the morning of Wed 12/22 it will be gone…

Oh, the problem tonight is that the sky is overcast and we can’t see the eclipse. How sad. Here in Cincinnati. Boo hoo.

This is to test if Ping will go out to all my other social site.


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