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Podcast-Dark Matter Ch. 5

<img src="" alt="Stewart Walker's Headstone" title="stewartstonesmall" width="224" class="size-full wp-image-925" The image above is the...

Possets on iTunes

Possets now has two podcasts on iTunes. They are through two different podcasting organizations and I am going to be using them both. You can subscribe to Possets’ podcasts for FREE through iTunes. How? Easy: Turn on iTunes Click on iTunes Store Click on...

From Possets-Finally


…we get some cool and enjoyable weather! It has been sizzling here for months and this morning I woke up feeling a chill in the air. That is such a relief. Now I can start wearing my heavier perfumes to go along with heavier sweaters and nifty fall things I put...

From Possets-The Smooth Tablet

The Smooth Tablet

For years I have watched chipmunks leap and scurry around my deck. It was an old deck, wooden with nails and boards, nothing modern. It was there when we bought the house and I cared for it for years. I painted it, scrubbed it, fussed when there was algae on it, and...

Rumors of Rain

“They” say that we are going to get some real rain today. I hope “they” are right. I have not seen real H2O fall from the sky for a very long time. Actually, there was a bit Friday but it only blasted for about 10 minutes and that was that. The...

From Possets-Just Another Dull Midwestern City, Eh?

From Possets-Summer Says Goodbye and This Time She Really Means It.

Summer Says Goodbye and This Time She Really Means It.

Well, it’s going to be in the 90s today. Hot and dry and very summery. Very. I better enjoy it because tomorrow starts weather in the 70s (which I prefer) and then it’s going to start dipping down into the 60s. Mmmm. I am really liking the sound of that....


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