From Possets-A Little Bit of Sad News

A Little Bit of Sad News

The recession has dragged on for so long that my ingredients are starting to feel the effect of market upheaval. I have a pretty long leadtime with my ingredients, from start to finish, it takes at least a year if not two to make the things which go into Possets. What...

From Possets-Finally Out More Tomorrow

Finally Out More Tomorrow

Finally out of duty for the day. I have to go right home and spend the rest of the day doing something I swore I would do. Then back into jury duty tomorrow BUT that is promised to be a short day. So, I will have a bit of time to do my Possety duties. Only one more...

From Possets-Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping

Back in the Possetorium and packing and shipping. I do have another 4 days on jury duty and tomorrow is a long day but so far Possets has been managing to keep up pretty good. Go us. Superior powers of organization. Not so exciting on the surface but VERY exciting...

From Possets-More Dark Matter

More Dark Matter

I am taking a bit of the weekend to write more of Dark Matter for your reading pleasure. Also, going in to the Possetorium to get all the orders shipped before going off to the last week of jury duty Monday.

From Possets-Hot, Humid, Storms, Prep

Hot, Humid, Storms, Prep

Today the sun is going to beat down like a drum in the afternoon. We have been suffering from heat and dryness. There are crumpled leaves from my poplar tree all over the yard, they look like crumpled tissues. Everything is so sick of the relentless sun banging down...

From Possets-Ooooo


Went back into the Possetorium and took out the next chapters of Dark Matter and I have to confess that I am mighty pleased with it all. I had a few things to change but only very few and I think it is a stirring read. I must get another chapter ready to unfold for...

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