Well, going for a business meeting in the morning, packing, shipping and creating this afternoon. Full day. I’m a lucky person. More later. I really want to get to Spring Grove Cemetery and show it off to you. It’s the most interesting cemetery I have been...

From Possets-Back To Business

Back To Business

Now that jury duty is over and my relatives have gone home, my computer ceased to function. Well, that is not the thing that you want to have happen and so I had to go out and get a new one. I got an HP 210 mini and it does everything I need for the daily...

From Possets-Downtown Fun

From Possets-Downtown


Here is a nice shot of Downtown Cincinnati I took this a.m. On the left is the Hamilton County jail. There is a skywalk between the jail and the courthouse. Courthouse is on the right. Take a look about in the middle of the image, there is the tallest building in...

From Possets-Last Day of Jury Duty

Last Day of Jury Duty

I am really going to miss my trips downtown but it has to come to an end and real life has to come back. We are also having relatives come in this weekend and then then then I can get back to work. I will be stealing away to keep everyone happy and shipments have to...

The Penultimate Day of Jury Duty

Today is the next to last day of jury duty. It’s been a great two weeks, not fun and certainly not jolly but I am a lot smarter than when I came in the door. In addition, as you might expect, there have been plenty of moments when I have had to mentally run...

Downtown Fun

A great pic of Cincinnati from the contemporary art center.

From Possets-Away From Home & Blogging

Away From Home & Blogging

This is just me trying out the remote blogging program. I think this is quite a good thing. I took that photo at lunch yesterday downtown, a nice lunch of crepes! On the streets of Cincinnati? Mais oui! Look for the bell in the photo. That was undoubtedly made by Jim...

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