I haven’t done a new blog in a few days. I have been busy preparing your new treat(s) and just forgot. Please do stay tuned as to what is going on at Possets. At the moment, I am enjoying a bit of sun which is shining for once in the Queen City. I think I am...

From Possets-New Label Stock

New Label Stock

…Yes I am looking at new types of label stock. Lots of experimenting and I am sure it will turn out very well indeed. More later.

From Possets-The Betas Love It

The Betas Love It

I have submitted my latest Possets idea to the beta team for testing. I chose some reallytough betas this time. I want the idea to be as good as it can possibly be and that means you have to have criticism from hyper critical people. They loved it! I am not just...

From Possets-The Blooms Now

The Blooms Now

This has got to be the best time of all for roses.The blooms in my part of the world are extravagant. I have a small hillside of dark red old roses blooming now and they all are volunteers descended from a plant that a friend brought over for a gift once long ago. I...

From Possets-Hmm Hmmm

Hmm Hmmm

Thank goodness, finally finished a big part of my new “thing” for you.

From Possets-…it is indeed

…it is indeed

…it is indeed a lazy Sunday. Time to go for brunch at the neighborhood cafe with the husband and just have a nice day. The backyard is finally planted and the zinnias are coming up. I will have LOTS of them. I had to get the green ones, and the red ones, and the...

From Possets-Three Baby Chipmunks!

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