From Possets-Happy Memorial Day, America!

From Possets-Happy Memorial Day, America

Happy Memorial Day, America!

Possets is wishing you all a great happy long weekend, American Possetiers. I am going to be doing the usual, hanging bunting from my front porch, making treats for the weekend feast. Yes, I am going to be watching the Indy 500, always the Show of Shows. Peonies are...

From Possets-Gabby Was Adopted!

Gabby Was Adopted!

Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) is a great group of people who care for and find homes for scores of feral and abandoned cats. They really work hard to that end. Every year I make up at least 12 perfumes in honor of long term residents of OAR. When one of the cats is...

From Possets-Thinking About Vanilla and Labels

Thinking About Vanilla and Labels

One of the most popular fragrances is vanilla. People can’t get enough of its smooth goodness. One of the first primitive perfumes I heard of was for ladies to put vanilla extract behind their ears to make them smell good enough to eat. I should do a series...

From Possets-Possets Blog on RSS Feed

Possets Blog on RSS Feed

I have been asked how to get Possets’ Blog on RSS feed. Simple. There is a little box in the upper right hand corner of this page and says “Posts” and has a little ray-like icon next to it. Click that and you will will get a pop up box which says...

From Possets-More Work

More Work

Yes, that’s right I have a lot more work to do on that new thing I have been dinking around about. Much more work. I think it will be worth it for sure.

From Possets-Goodness

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