From Possets-Something Special Thisway Comes

Something Special Thisway Comes

I have been working on a special treat for everyone. Something you have all wanted and I think that I am going to be able to pull it off. Keep your eye upon Possets. I think you will be very happy you did. Yes, it has to do with fragrance, and it’s something I...

From Possets-What’s Going On Here?

What’s Going On Here?

Possets Perfume chose this painting as the lead image for the spring collection, it’s called Bacchus and Ariadne by Titian, a masterpiece which hangs in The National Gallery in London. It was cleaned and restored years ago and I saw it when it was first put...

From Possets-What A Day (And It Hasn’t Even Started Yet)

What A Day (And It Hasn’t Even Started Yet)

One of the Ohio Alleycat Resource cats was adopted today. Buster is a big tabby who has a heart of gold. He was adopted into his forever home today. I am so happy, and to celebrate I am re-releasing a fragrance called Buster in his honor along with Forever Home. They...

From Possets-Rain


Though it’s still dark outside, I can at least hear that the rains have come. I was beginning to think that April had gone from the rainy season to dry. Not so.  I think that today will be a good day to stay in and attend to the list of “things to get...

From Possets-An In-Depth Look At The Heaven And Hell Of Fragrance

An In-Depth Look At The Heaven And Hell Of Fragrance

Different families of fragrance fit in with different seasons. Spring is the time for florals, they are glorious in cool air and light humidity. But florals contain quite a few ingredients which make their characteristic smell. So, you know the scent of violet, and...

From Possets-New Video on Fragrance at Possets

New Video on Fragrance at Possets

A new video just went up at Possets.The subject: Fragrance Heaven and Fragrance Hell!! It’s spring and the flowers are blooming so it’s time to talk about scent ingredients of florals. The violet is a great example of a flower which carries the beauty of...


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