Spent the day unpacking and organizing things. Poppets poppets poppets! I put them all carefully in baggies and now I am putting them in their individual “nests” in their new home. Just making sure that the boxes are put in one area when emptied, unpack the Possets that are permanent and Valentines, make sure the wi fi connection works well, sort out and put away the labels and all sorts of things. It’s fun to set up shop again and finally put the finishing touches on the organization of the next few years.

This was such a right move. The place is sunny, the floor is level (the Pendleton sloped down and made you seasick), there is no brick dust raining down on me and I don’t have to cover up my desk and mixing tools when I leave. It’s warm in the winter and I just love it.

There is a railroad track outside my window and I can hear the trains going by slowly. Real interesting. I love trains. The rustling hum and clang. Then there are the airplanes taking off sometimes (they are actually very quiet but you can see them out of some of the windows). And the occasional concrete truck goes by. It is a bustle.

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