VigorYou want to be in shape but you don’t have a huge bag of money to spend. If you have a smartphone, I have the answer for you. You really don’t need to buy a $200 Basis to get the same (and better) results!

First, get yourself an account with Loseit, it’s free. Go to and sign up. You will be able to keep perfect track of all the things you eat, your exercise, and your weight over time. Loseit will also make up a weight loss plan and goal for you based on how fast you want to lose weight! There is a great forum full of serious weight losers, and they keep it honest by running off hucksters. You can track restaurant foods, grocery store foods, you can read the bar code on the back of packages and have that automatically input for your daily progress, too. Loseit works beautifully with the Digifit app which will track your calories expended during exercise.

The Digifit app is available for Android or iPhone and the basic one is free. If you want to hook it up to your Bluetooth chest strap, it is an extra $3. Digifit monitors your calorie output during workouts and gives you a great graph which shows you how fast your heart was beating and how many calories you used. Then it loads it up to your Loseit account and it is counted toward your daily goals and activities there. Makes it very easy!

Your biggest cash outlay will be for a Bluetooth chest strap, but this is worth it. I have a Polar H7 which works with just about every app I have tried. You can pay about $41 for an H6 Polar chest strap which will work fine with your smartphone and Digifit app. Just strap on the monitor before you start working out and Digifit will pick up your heartrate and tell you how many calories you are burning during your workout.

Please note: as good as the $200 Basis is (and it’s other $200 competitors) as of right now they will only monitor your regular activities NOT YOUR WORKOUTS. So, you would still need to buy a set up to track your workouts! I think that you can get along just fine without the regular activity monitor and only track your workouts and be pretty accurate about your calories out.

Want to track your regular activities? Buy a pedometer ($7-20) and strap it on. You can input what it says on Loseit as walking and that will give you your regular activity rate for much less money!

Next, go to the app store and get yourself Sleep Time, there is a free version and one for $1.99 with a few more features. This great app will track your sleep patterns and let you graph them over time. This is also a wonderful alarm clock which will wake you up gently at the perfect time for you to wake! I hated getting up every morning, and detested a loud buzzer. This lets you choose any sound you like, anything from your music library or from their library of sounds. There is a snooze alarm which you can set for any amount of time you like. for free, you can’t beat it.

So, you can pay $200 for a tracker which needs an extra chest strap to track workouts for a total of at least $240 OR you can have the same (and better) health tracking for $ 88 ($41 Polar chest strap + $15 pedometer + $0 Loseit + $3 (to enable the sensors) Digifit + $2 Sleep Time). With the latter combination, you can also add or leave off features you don’t want.

One day there will be a fitness tracker which will do all things well. Your regular activities will be monitored along with your workouts, your calories will be calculated, your sleep patterns accounted for, and maybe your blood pressure read as well. All will be put in an easily accessible place and you will only need one program to run it all. Until then, I think you can have it all for a very small price if you choose carefully and well.

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