Peppermint Martini (100% Natural) Perfume Oil

Peppermint Martini (100% Natural) Perfume Oil

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Imagine an inky dark night in winter. You are on the veranda with a perfectly made martini in hand. It is crystalline and has a satiny olive speared and mating with the gin and vermouth. But before you can brush the glass with your breath, a snowflake the size of a small saucer floats into your drink, flattens itself on the surface and dissolves immediately. It is the best martini you ever had. A Snowflake in the Martini goes through every one of these phases and finally comes to rest in a state where alcohol and sophistication intersect. Cold cold peppermint begins the story. 

Yes, this used to be known as "Snowflake in the Martini (Peppermint Topnote)" but that name had to be trimmed for the new website.

Characteristics: foody, invigorating, scent locket, home scent, unisex, sophisticated, natural, cooling, summer scent.
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