Wearing the Fitness Fragrances

I was in Zumba! class this evening,and it was very cold outside and it got very hot inside very quickly. We were sweating a lot. I was soon grateful that I had put on Vigor before I went into class. I was catching whiffs of other folks and it wasn’t all that pleasant. Alas, that is just human. But I was feeling pretty fresh and this is what I did.

I wanted to wear Vigor and brought my bottle along in my gym bag. Before class, I opened my bottle and put just a little bit on my finger tips and spread it along my finger pads. Then I ran my hands through my hair a couple of times, and then down my neck from my jawline to my collar bones. That’s it. Really worked to keep me smelling clean and good all through the twirling and stomping and sashaying around. Not too much, either.