Finally, A Day Off—Or Is It?

Retour ended recently and so I took the day off today because I had shipped all of my orders as of last night. ALL OF THEM!! I was so pleased. I got up and realized that I had not made a grand announcement about my ending the Yules (when is that going to happen?) and that the 100% Natural Angels are going to disappear tomorrow and…gosh! OK, so I sent out a newsletter about that. Now, the rest of the day is free, right?

Wrong,oh wrong, oh wrong! My accountant go hold of me,”Got a minute?” “Sure,” I said thinking that I would be escaping work for the rest of the day. No, of course not. What was I thinking? 45 minutes later I was still talking to him about how Quickbooks interacts with the rest of my electronic kingdom and I was hooked. Now we had to go out and find a hybrid IT and accounting nerd to help us with our latest problem. We did find that person but now it was after 1 p.m.

OK, I did do weightlifting this morning, I found my one man coffee press and put it in my car (it’s going to the Possetorium), and I finally got all of the Christmas ornaments into the basement from their “staging area” in the living room (Christmas is put away for another year). Where was my free time, though? Eh?

One day I am going to read a book again, do the laundry, and stare at the wall. I am going to sort out my sock drawer and do just a tiny bit of sewing. But until then…