5 Scents Which Are Past Their Prime In The Fall

Eeeeek!We were so thrilled when warm weather finally came. It was time to put on the light and ethereal perfumes and put away our heavy resins. But, the temperatures have cooled off again with fall and there are a few things I wish people would put away right now:

  1. Fussy Aggressive Crystalline Musks– for some reason, the toothy musks are seen as crystalline and cold and come out like mad in the summer. I think they were too strong then, and not autumnal enough now. I really like these for spring, which can be a cruel season and can take a bit of sharp poking to illustrate the time of year.
  2. So Light It’s Not There Florals-It’s fall, let’s smell your perfume. Florals need to be statements now, not hints.
  3. Cotton Candy-That was summer. Summer is over.
  4. Murky Aquatics-Please, let’s play with crisp aquatics now, long strands of greenery steeped in cold water doesn’t sound so appetizing at the moment.
  5. Tea-I love tea fragrances, but they have to be handled with care when the air turns cold. I made High Tea as a very warm perfume which celebrates the idea of tea hot in a cup and I love that one when the world turns crisp.

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Possets’ Halloween Collection Is Here

Bat by GoyaThe year has finally turned from summer to autumn and Possets has put away The Summer of Elegance and now is showing their fall line, The Scent of Night! We decided that peach was truly special for this time of year and too heavy for summer, it is combined with pumpkin and apple for a spectacular set of blends. Of course you will find several sorts of apple scent, and the excellent fall accompaniment, fallen leaves. Pumpkin? Of course.

This amazing line is wrapped in the theme of monsters which was a great challenge. One person on the forum challenged me to make a Sasquatch fragrance, it DID it! And it is animalic and very sexy.

The images were a pure pleasure to work with. I would like to be more detailed about them in later posts, and tell how they reinforced the scents I made. But may I draw your attention to the little detail image on this page. It is from our lead picture by Goya, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters and is a little bat, drawn with just a few hatch lines on a copper plate. Goya captures the body, shape of the head, scallops of the wings, and even the tiny ears and tail of a bat with such ease as it goes about it’s earnest search for a nocturnal meal. The whole picture is filled with little masterpieces, take a look. And take a look at the Possets’ Halloween Line, I am sure you will love it.

Fondly, Fabienne from Possets Perfume

More New Look From Possets

spicyI decided to ask a local photographer if he would “do” my line. His name is John Engleman and he is a professional product photographer. In Cincinnati, that means you do ace work…remember this is where Procter and Gamble is headquartered and you have the stiffest competition anywhere as to what “good” is. I got very lucky and found him and he is doing a whole line of looks for me. I love this one. It is fabulous at full res, and I made it smaller to save your bandwidth but I think you still get the flavor of how he really chose excellent colors, the snappiness of the image itself, the composition, and use of the reflection. Wow, hats off to John. Just thought you would like to see a preview. These are going to be complimenting my website at www.possets.com and the Etsy site I will be opening soon.

In the meantime, take a trip over to Possets Perfume which is celebrating the last few days of the Summer of Elegance Collection which boasts glorious florals, light resins, and that surprisingly popular beauty which captured a lot of hearts, Seascapes; one of my best aquatics. www.possets.com is the address, or click this paragraph.


Halloween Themes At Possets Perfume

button2As I was thinking about what to use as my main lead-in concept for the Halloween Collection, and you might remember that I had chosen a Goya print called “The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters”, one of my clients on the Possets forum said, “Why not feature monsters on the next collection?” She gave a lot of examples of famous monsters from around the world and I thought that must have been a wonderful coincidence. So, I am playing with that concept and having a ball. It felt so right that the perfumes are coming along at a very fast rate and the images are just perfect! When  it all comes together, it is a wonderful thing.

I have also found a number of new ingredients and the theme is charging my imagination like crazy. Not all of the collection will be about international monsters, there are some things which I resolved to do months ago, and I have completed them and they are fabulous.

Also, the favorites from years gone by, and classics for Halloween, will be in the line up: Halloween and Ghost Fart. More later on the new collection. When will it come out? What sorts of new ingredients are in store for us? How about the labels? Stay tuned and find out.

In the meantime, take a trip over to Possets Perfume which is celebrating the last few days of the Summer of Elegance Collection which boasts glorious florals, light resins, and that surprisingly popular beauty which captured a lot of hearts, Seascapes; one of my best aquatics. www.possets.com is the address, or click this paragraph.


Themes For Halloween-Color Scheme

button1Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, always has been. People used to think I was a bit nutty for not love love loving Christmas but Halloween felt as special as a holiday could be. Children were allowed to dress up and become their supernatural alter-egos, it was about night and things which flitted to and fro in the darkness (like ghosts and bats), and there was lots of black and lots of candy. What was there not to like?

Every year at Possets Perfume I go through no end of trouble to try to come up with a theme which you will enjoy, and the perfumes which illustrate it well, and the images which set the right tone. This year I am going to do a black and white color scheme with just a touch of color.

I have chosen a famous etching by Goya as my lead image, it’s called “The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters”. There is so much to this image that I could take out lots of details, which you might not have noticed, and made them into buttons and slides. Wonderful to see the care that Goya put into each of the owls, how he captured the flit of bats, and how he maintained the illusion of shadows even when using a difficult medium like printmaking.

The name of my collection this year is going to be “The Scent of Night”. There is a lot to this one. What do I mean by that? More later.

In the meantime, take a trip over to Possets Perfume which is celebrating the last few days of the Summer of Elegance Collection which boasts glorious florals, light resins, and that surprisingly popular beauty which captured a lot of hearts, Seascapes; one of my best aquatics. www.possets.com is the address, or click this paragraph.

Perfume Ingredients Which Say Autumn

AppleWe all look forward to autumn after a long humid hot summer. What are you looking for in your perfumes now? I know, here it is:

Fruit: apple, pears (!), peaches are very big this year. Sneak in the occasional fig and I think that will make you very happy indeed. Peach is going to come into its own in 2015 as a perfuming ingredient and fall will be its time to come into its full potential.

Pumpkin. No surprise here, pumpkin has been a great attractant for years and has turned into a classic perfume note.

Spices, not just any spices but: clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and anise (licorice). Coming on very strong this year are unusual notes of cardamom, turmeric, and coriander. I think the public loved the oldies but with more refined palates at the dinner table, we enjoy more refined noses, too.

Variants on Patchouli. Patchouli is an eternal fall favorite because it is exceptionally strong and long lasting. Always a component of the resinous perfumes, patchouli marries well with all of the above notes. However, perfumers are now playing with new patchoulis which are becoming available: iron free, sweet, “hyper earthy”, buttery, and brown sugar-like strains of patchouli are hitting the market now for us perfumers, and you are loving it.

These are just a few of the new notes you will be enjoying during the Halloween through winter season. Catch the last of the summer scents now before they evaporate at Possets Perfume, too. They are fabulous harbingers of autumn and once they are gone, they are…gone!

Scented Autumn

20111117-154826.jpgPerfume has its seasons and fall is the start of the scented season. I was amazed to find that there are definite high times and low times for perfume, and no matter how mild the summer, people just hunker down with a great bottle of scent when the weather turns crisp.

It may be relief at a long long hot summer, too much sweat and mildew, too much suntan lotion, the routine being changed up, consorting with a different set of people, or the sheer innocent animal desire to look for a good place to hibernate and keep warm which compel folks to head for the perfume counter when the air turns crisp.

The longer lasting notes are now more appropriate, and they are heavier, muskier, and more resinous, all things which would be cloying in the heat of summer are now comforting in the chill of fall air. Conversely, the notes which were so refreshing in summer are now almost non existent/disinteresting.

We are looking for things which reinforce the smells we encounter right now: apples, wet leaves, slight smoke in the air, the first whiff of frost, and all those things our animal selves attend as signs of fall.

Next time, I will talk about individual Fall notes to look for in perfumes this year. In the meantime, come over to Possets Perfume and take a look at the glorious Summer of Elegance Collection which will stay up until the first day of Fall or thereabouts.

5 Places NOT TO Put Perfume

wherenottoputperfumeI have said where you should dab your favorite perfume, however, there are some places to avoid. There are good reasons for that and I will explain that to you as well.

  1. Eyes- That might sound pretty simpleminded to you but there are people out there who will try just about anything. Do not add perfume to any of your eye cosmetics either. Don’t try to make your purple eyeshadow smell like grape, for instance.
  2. Eyebrows- Same reason, if it gets in your eyes you might be very sorry. Also, if you sweat and that runs in your eyes mingled with perfume, you may be in for a tough time.
  3. In or around your nose-I had a friend who used to put perfume around her nose so she could smell it. Not only did her nose become “dead” to it from smelling it too much but she developed a nasty rash around her nose and her upper lip.
  4. Any mucous membrane-That is shorthand for your “lady bits” and your bum. Please don’t try to perfume them, they won’t like it and will extract their revenge on you: rashes, raised spots, and general irritation and pain can be expected here if you don’t heed.
  5. Underarms- Strange as it might seem, your underarms are incredibly sensitive. I have been woken up at 3 a.m. with massive irritation and burning due to something I thought harmless being applied to my underarms. You have been warned.

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The Scent Of Your Loveletters

ladywritingTis almost the season when you are going to be writing a lot more things than you do in a “normal” day. If you want to make a beautiful statement with your epistles, consider scenting them.

Some people think that you have to use scented ink to give a lilt to your letters. Actually, scented ink is meant for the writer alone. It dries and the perfume in it evaporates and disappears. By the time it gets to the receiver, they will smell nothing at all.

A better choice is to scent the paper itself, it will be more highly scented and the porous nature of paper keeps the fragrance molecules trapped for a very long time. Here is a good way to do it: Get your paper and fan it well so that the leaves are not compacted together. Put it in a plastic bag which is airtight along with a cotton ball moistened with your favorite perfume. Do not let the cotton ball touch the paper as you will get either oil or alcohol stains on your paper. It’s best to use a bag about 3″ longer than your paper, and put the cotton ball at the end of the bag with a space between the cotton and the paper.

Leave the paper in for about 2 weeks, and store it with the cotton ball until you use it all. The paper should be nicely scented and ready for you to write your billet-doux!

Try peppermint to scent your greeting cards for the holidays (or pine), spice for Halloween invitations or patchouli. Try out your favorite perfume oil for general notes.

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The Second Part of the BBC Perfume Documentary–Made Me Very Happy

Sometimes I feel like a very lonely person. As someone says somewhere in this excellent documentary, there are fewer perfumers than there are astronauts! I believe that because I just never meet others and have this haunting suspicion that everyone thinks I am crazy and no one else thinks like me. Well, I was happy to be proven wrong. I was yelling at the TV when Christopher Brosius started to talk about what London smells like and what it used to smell like, and what his client would want in a fragrance which is to smell of London. I was yelling and I guess he heard me because he started to say the same things I was yelling! I was ecstatic! This is a man who understands! Thank heavens, there are others out there.

To wit: London smelled a particular way in 1969: diesel fumes, cigar and cigarette smoke, the fusty smell of pubs, some frying of fish, the interior of the black taxi (with whiffs of old cheap perfume and newer expensive cologne), and more. Times have changed and because of tastes and regulation, you now smell a totally different London than you would have decades ago. I remember the scent I got when the petcocks to the outside air were opened on the plane I came in on for my first visit. Brosius describes that smell as I do! But after years of curbing emissions from taxis, changing ingredients in perfume and taste, banning of tobacco products, and more London does not smell the same now as then.

Also, there is a neat part about Jean-Claude Ellena (creator of Bulgari The Vert) creating, and notice that he is using a fountainpen! Very cool.

If you are still in a perfume mode, drop in on Possets Perfume and enjoy the last precious days of the Summer of Elegance Collection, it will vanish on September 23rd! Pick up a sample pack and play perfumer, too.