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Beautiful Possets Perfume Oils

Possets Perfume creates richly scented, unique perfume oils, and delivers with first class customer service. All our perfume oils are blended and made by us from scratch. Explore our astonishing variety of fragrances, browse our Permanent Line. Buy samples of perfume oils. Take a look at the Seasonal Section for our latest creations, and we have 100% natural perfumes sprinkled throughout. We have an ultra special line. Cambienne, a perfume oil we change as the year progresses. Of course have a full range of social media: a lively but well mannered forum, a blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even a podcast that you can subscribe to for free on iTunes. Also, please note that all times given are US Eastern Standard Time. Possets is bottled happiness. ---Fondly, Fabienne

Possets Celebrates Spring!

Welcome Spring at long last!

Victorian Romance!

Possets is making the end of winter bearable with a huge selection of brand new perfumes for you to love. Everything from chic chypres, to gorgeous gourmandy fragrances, to plush resins and more. There is sure to be something to enchant you at this special time of the year when the sun is riding higher in the sky, and we know we are more than half way through the winter doldrums. Come and see what we have for your delight in our Victorian Romance offering this year. You are sure to find something you love.

And as a special treat, we have the highly amusing original novelette, Dark Matter, back again all at once for your pleasure. You can read it to a happy ending or choose the sad ending as you will! This is the fabulous story of lovers who defy the strict convention of the day and manage to come through it all happily. It is a tale based on a real astronomer who did live in Cincinnati for a time, and a beautiful daughter of the amazingly rich Bandfield Machine Tool founder. Their story goes from Cincinnati in the Victorian era, to London at the height of the "season", to Italy and Malta, and more. Follow along, you will even be able to meet Queen Victoria herself, and behold the center of the swirling scandal! Don't waste a minute more, get started on this ripping yarn!

Finally, I thought you might like to have samples of the most popular perfumes from Dark Matter all in one place, so I have put together the Dark Matter Sample Pack which includes such hits as: Isabella, Stewart, Betsy, Pink Cake, Neptune, Triangulation, Perpetual Orgasm, and Mary Shelley. Mmmm, you don't have to make up your mind, you will just fall in love with this sampler! Really does capture the essence of the novel.

And if that wasn't enough and you can's get enough Victoriana, then there is a great general Victorian sample pack you might want to investigate which holds 8 fragrances made with ingredients which were the height of chic in the mid 1800s! Here is the Victorian sample pack for your amusement!

The Victorian Method of Writing

The Victorians were prodigious letter writers and raised it all to an art form. They were helped by the flexible fountain pen. We still have them today! I bought one from Noodler's Pen Company. For a mere $20 you too can get a flex pen with which you can write like the Victorians themselves! OK, you must practice and be patient but you will have your unremunerated toil pay off! Take a look at this fun video which shows you what you have been missing all this time!

Staying In The Know

There are many amusing ways to stay on top of the events at Possets:

  • Subscribe to our fascinating newsletter, The Possetier.
  • Subscribe to Possets' podcasts on iTunes. Each time I record a new podcast, you will get a notice and can tune in. Here is the direct link location.
  • Look at the nav bar at the top of this page for links to other Possets' fun places to go like: The Possets' Blog, Possets Twitter, Possets Facebook, Possets YouTube, and the redoubtable Possets forum (famous for its well mannered participants, good cheer, and uplifting conversations).
  • Send me an e-mail telling me that you want to be put on my e-mail newsletter which comes out about once or twice a week. I try to make it informative, beautiful, and something to look forward to. So, simply copy and paste the following address and write me a short e-mail that you want to be put on the Possets newsletter:

About: Sales, Free Shipping from Possets, Shipping Liabilities, And Forms Of Payment Taken-

When Possets has a sale, it ends at midnight Eastern Standard Time USA on the date stated. Sale prices are not retroactive and cannot be applied to merchandise bought prior to the sale starting.

All times are Eastern Standard, USA.

Please note that Possets has one of the most generous free shipping policies in the business, any order of $75 or more USD ships for free anywhere on earth! However, please note that free shipping is First Class shipping (Domestic and Internationally) and that does not include tracking or insurance/replacement for lost/stolen/or damaged orders. The buyer assumes all risk if choosing the option of free shipping. More full featured options for shipping are available at check out regardless of the amount of your order if you wish to pay more and get premium shipping options like tracking and insurance. For Possets' policy on First Class shipping in general, please see the Shipping section of the About Us link.

IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE WHEREABOUTS OF YOUR PACKAGE, DO THIS FIRST: Look up the Delivery Confirmation number you got on the shipping acknowledgement you received from Possets when your package shipped. If you are an international customer, you need to refer to your Customs number which should have been sent to you when you got the Possets Shipping confirmation e-mail. First copy and paste your Delivery Confirmation Number or Customs Number and go to the US Postal Service website at Use their tracking function to tell you where your package is. International customers will have to go to their postal afterwards and input their Customs Number because your package will be tracked by your post office once it enters your country.

If the package shows that it has gotten to your city, talk to your letter carrier or to your local post office. They are experts in determining the whereabouts of your packages and getting them to you.

Please give your package 30 days to get to you, it has to clear the hurdles of time, space, and governments and sometimes that takes a while. If you then want to contact Possets Perfume, be sure to have your order number ready. 99.99999% of all packages turn up, there has only been one package ever lost.

Please do not insist that Possets start an investigation with your post office for your package. Those are very long and drawn out exercises which normally yield nothing of consequence. If you insist on having Possets start an investigation into your package, we will have to charge you for our time and that might well be more than your package is worth. To conduct an investigation yourself with your local mail carrier will be cheaper and more productive. Thank you for understanding.

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